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? Please note the new insurance carrier for the 18/19 year is Aetna.

All registered students who live on campus, all international students, and all intercollegiate athletes are automatically charged for the StMU Student Health Insurance Plan.  Please review your business account to verify.  If you would like to activate your policy before you arrive to St. Mary’s, please call (855) 357-0238.  The Fall coverage dates are from August 2, 2018 to December 31, 2018. The Fall open enrollment period is 6/20/18 – 9/14/18.

Domestic Dorm Residents & Athletes Activate Fall Coverage

International Students & International Student Athletes Activate Fall Coverage

AES Enrollment (International Student)

Voluntary Enrollment

Commuter students are not automatically enrolled on the StMU Student Health Insurance Plan but have the option to voluntarily enroll on the plan.  Please complete the “Commuter Voluntary Enrollment” below if you would like to purchase the Student Health Insurance Plan.

***Commuter students who enroll for the Fall health insurance are not automatically re-enrolled for the Spring coverage period. Please remember to re-enroll in December if you choose to renew your Fall health insurance coverage.

(New Carrier is Aetna) Commuter Voluntary Enrollment