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 The Spring open enrollment period is 12/02/19 – 02/03/20.

Voluntary Enrollment

Commuter students are not automatically enrolled on the StMU Student Health Insurance Plan but have the option to voluntarily enroll on the plan. 

Please complete the “Commuter Voluntary Enrollment” below if you would like to purchase the Student Health Insurance Plan.

***Commuter students who enroll for the Fall health insurance are not automatically re-enrolled for the Spring coverage period. 

Commuter Voluntary Enrollment (to complete enrollment online )



Important Information About Dependent Enrollment

Any dependents enrolled in the Medical Insurance Plan must be eligible for coverage.  The carrier may audit dependents to verify their eligibility.  If your dependent(s) is(are) selected for audit, the carrier will email you with instructions to submit the documents needed to verify your dependent(s) eligibility.    By continuing dependent enrollment you confirm that you have read the eligibility requirements for dependents, that your dependent(s) is(are) eligible for coverage, and that you will submit documentation required to verify your dependent(s) eligibility if audited by the carrier. The eligibility requirements may be found in the brochure on the Benefits page of this website.